Learn to Outsmart the SAT with test prep sessions at Innovative Learning Center.

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Put your student on the fast track to success with increased test scores and overall confidence! Hire a one-on-one STEM tutor to prepare your child for the SAT. Time is flying, so hurry!

To start, we engage your child in an initial session where we will observe your child’s strengths in completing certain task assignments. We will document areas of strength and opportunities for academic improvement.

After the session, we will use data to customize additional one-on-one tutorial sessions.

We will provide an analysis of your child’s science, mathematics, or SAT/ACT test performance comparing his/her performance against students in the state of Georgia and nationally.

The next SAT Test Date is March 9, 2019!

This offer is valid for first time and returning clients. Payment for one half of the cost of 6 hours is due at scheduling.

Balance is due at the beginning of the online session Only one section of the test will be covered at a time.
*(Choose between critical reading OR mathematics)