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Infographic Logic Model Development

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BluePrint towards Success

A logic model presents a picture or a blueprint of actions that will be used to accomplish specific short and long term goals. It is also a useful tool for measuring progress towards goals and objectives. If you have your data ready, we can create an infographic logic model for your program or service. The price of service increases when data is not readily available.

Program Model Development

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Healthy Growth & Development

ILC supports those who aim to foster healthy growth and development of young people through program development consulting.

Concepts often overlap with a myriad of goals and frameworks: mentoring, youth development, out-of-school time, summer camp, tutoring, career development, or workforce development program. A program could be intended to increase students’ self-esteem, improve students’ motivation towards learning, increase young girls’ interest in science and engineering, or provide guidance to students on avoiding risky behaviors.

Guided by a strategic purpose and a commitment to tracking, verifying and documenting results, our professional team has not only designed and launched 10 programs of our own, but we have also provided evaluation services and support to over 30 programs over the last two decades.

If you are serious about conceiving, designing and implementing a targeted program that successfully addresses the needs in your community, please contact ILC for an assessment of your situation.

Writing Institutional Review Board Application

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Research Compliance

You are excited. Your project was funded or you just want to start the research. Although these are normal expectations, credible and publishable research begins with approval from an Institutional Review Board. Although we do not provide IRB approval, our researchers are IRB and Human Subjects Certified. We can help you write your IRB application so that it is through and detailed; therefore, increasing the time towards approval.