We evaluate STEM programs. We work with clients to write winning STEM proposals.

We are a STEM education, research, evaluation, and data management firm. We specialize in evaluating STEM education programs, and writing winning proposals to expose students to cutting edge STEM education curricula. Our Competitive Proposal Development Process (CPDP) begins with high quality and strategic program development. We also develop logic models which are useful tools for measuring progress towards program goals and objectives. Learn more about CPDP.

Need funding to start your STEM education research? Because we’ve been working with colleges and universities for 18 years to develop and win funding to launch their STEM education programs and research, we have a unique insight into what proposals need to be competitive.

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Young People at S.E.A: Recognizing Youths’ Social and Emotional Assets

This blog is to inform science and mathematics educators about the need to focus on youths’ social and emotional assets during hands-on, inquiry-based teaching and learning. The information is represented through the scientific observations of baby sea turtles erupting from their nests. The terms baby sea turtle and lutes are used interchangeably. Begrudgingly, I became […]

Sift and See: Why examining precursor non-cognitive variables is critical to improving STEM teaching and learning

At the recent Gender Summit 15 in London, GS15 EU 2018 #GenderSummit15, I, along with several of my colleagues had the privilege of bringing to the forefront an exciting new study underway on gender equality in STEM education research. In short, the study examines non-cognitive variables of undergraduate freshman students majoring in STEM. While that’s not […]

Human-Centered Data Collection; Engaging Kinesthetic Learners

Start planning to collect impact data from your STEM education programs that will engage the minds and hearts of your kinesthetic learners. The ILC Human-Centered data collection process was built to respond to ALL types of learners including visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners. For instance, we collect data from focus group participants about past experiences […]

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