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Using appreciative inquiry human centered data collection, program intelligence, and change management, we use evaluation to broaden participation in STEM education.

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Program Development Support

Develop STEM programs that foster healthy social, emotional, and cognitive development of youth

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Storytelling With Data

Interactive data visualizations for increased responsiveness and relevance

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STEM Education

Our STEM education student services focus on the whole person. We integrate social and behavioral strategies with STEM education, innovation, and creative learning strategies.

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Proposal Development Center

Support to write competitive STEM Education proposals

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Writing competitive proposals or designing evaluation studies to monitor student impacts

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Explore Evaluation to Broaden Participation in STEM Education


Eyetracking: Striking the Balance of Insight and Intervention

As a STEM education researcher, I’m interested in understanding and studying the physiological responses of students to pedagogical interventions. To gain deeper insight into learning, education researchers need to open up to nuanced research designs that use objective assessment technologies and instruments, other than standardized tests, to measure cognition and cognitive processes. And to gain […]

Social Innovation in STEM

Welcome to Social Innovation in STEMTM I introduced Social Innovation in STEM in September 2016. Gradually, STEM educators are seeing that science is social and paying closer attention to the social dimension of STEM education. People are constant across all STEM education spaces and careers. People are social. In this article, I share our concept […]

Recognizing Youths’ Social and Emotional Assets

This article is to inform science and mathematics educators about the need to focus on youths’ social and emotional assets during hands-on, inquiry-based teaching and learning. The information is represented through the scientific observations of baby sea turtles erupting from their nests. The terms baby sea turtle and lutes are used interchangeably. Begrudgingly, I became […]

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Register to receive free resources to help you understand evaluation design, using appropriate evaluation designs to enhance the competitiveness of your proposals, determining ways to characterize the return on investment to your funder, and more.

Evaluation Products and Resources

Using proven methods of appreciative inquiry, human centered data collection strategies and analysis, program intelligence, and change management, we use evaluation to broaden participation and foster inclusive cultures and diverse achievement in STEM education.



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