Meet Our Team

ILC prioritizes kindness and psychological safety. Our skilled team advances clients through competitive research, evaluation, proposal development, and program implementation. We’re dedicated to providing evaluation, research, and assessment services that facilitate organizational, program, and student success.

Peak Performance Evaluation and Data Analysts

Our deep-dive analytics assess cognitive and non-cognitive variables, measuring increases in STEM knowledge and psychosocial variables that enhance learning. We use data collection and grounded theory in qualitative analysis and statistical inferential quantitative analysis to structure competitive evaluation studies and offer research services—all within psychologically safe spaces for clients to increase their organizational effectiveness and student success.

Dr. Zhina Shen, Director of Research and Evaluation

Angelicque Tucker Blackmon Ph.D.

Principal Evaluator

Jeff Miles

VP of Finance

Karen Falkenberg Ph.D

Senior Advisor

Franita Ware Ph.D.

Qualitative Data Analyst

Kelly Correa Ph.D.

Quantitative Data Evaluation Analyst

Andrea Frankenstein M.S.

Quantitative Data Evaluation Analyst

Heather Wright, Ph.D.

Qualitative Data Analyst

Allison Sklenar M.S.

Quantitative Data Analyst

Terrence Calistro M.S.

Data Statistician

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