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STEM Program Evaluation Services

It’s one thing to have a program that encourages STEM education, and it’s another to have a program that is actually effective. Our evaluation methods are data-driven, providing actionable insights to help you improve your program.

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The suggestions were extremely insightful, thorough, and helpful in strengthening the efficacy — and eventual effectiveness — of our program.”

Transform your STEM Program Participation with Actionable Insights

Many organizations lack effective evaluation methods to help them make the impact they truly seek or properly measure the effects of their programs on students and faculty.

We are leaders in STEM program evaluation with methods backed by data and tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Our methods provide actionable insight to help transform programs and narrate the entire story of program success.

The Innovative Learning Center Evaluation Difference

Prioritizing People

At Innovative Learning Center, we love numbers but value the human element and qualitative data in STEM education just as much. Our people-centered inquiry helps organizations prioritize based on what is essential for improving the student’s STEM education.

A Tailored Approach

We meet you where you are because every program is different. Together we determine what data we need to collect to properly evaluate your program. Evaluation is customized to uncover how to best improve learning outcomes and create more positive, meaningful experiences for students.

Holistic Evaluation

Our unique evaluation methodology results in a holistic review process to measure and elevate real-world impact. This approach addresses the, often overlooked, cultural aspects of educational design and avoids alienating the very people we all set out to serve.

An Unrivaled Evaluation Toolkit to Help in Your Success

We have over two decades of experience as STEM education evaluators and researchers.

Over the years, we’ve developed an impressive toolkit to provide in-depth, comprehensive STEM evaluations that help organizations implement data-driven plans for growth:

From the very beginning, we saw she had the skill sets, background and experience that we needed in an evaluator”

Our Toolkit Includes:

  • Designing Data Collection Plans
  • Performing Deep Dive Analytics
  • Conducting Culturally Responsive Evaluations
  • Measuring Psychosocial Variables
  • Using Appreciative Inquiry in Discovery Research
  • Leading Longitudinal Student Impact Evaluation
  • Building Longitudinal Data Analytics Dashboards
  • Creating Data Management and Analysis Plans
  • Conducting Participatory Evaluation Studies
  • Writing Research Ethics Plans
  • Building Multi-Level Logic Models
  • Developing Theory of Change Models
  • Writing Formative and Summative Evaluation Reports
  • Writing Data-Centered Stories of Social Innovation
  • Using Evaluation Findings to Create Psychological and Emotionally Safe Spaces for STEM Learning

Ready to Unlock your Program’s Potential?

Ensure an Evaluation with the Innovative Learning Center is right for you by completing our application. It takes 10 minutes and helps us provide the right tools and resources for your program’s needs. You’ll get a response within 4 days.

Institutions we have worked with