We Measure Metrics That Matter

Looking beyond vanity metrics, we measure what really matters: sense of belonging, problem-solving approach or avoidance, growth mindset, confidence in STEM, ability to adapt, and general self-efficacy–among others. By quantifying and comprehending these metrics, we pave the way for a more accessible and inclusive STEM education experience for all.

Data-Driven Moves for
Culture-Shifting Organizations

The scientific process relies on testing and data-driven implementation, so why don’t more STEM organizations apply these prinicples to their program design?

ILC eliminates guesswork from impactful STEM initiatives. We combine qualitative data with strategies like appreciative inquiry, empathetic listening, and narratives of possibility. This creates a comprehensive view of organizational and stakeholder needs, fostering innovation by adapting to emerging trends. By creating data-driven programming, you’ll remove barriers, ensuring all learners reach their potential.

It’s time to elevate the STEM experience for all learners. Are you ready to lead the way?

Our Mission

Fostering Global STEM Leadership

At Innovative Learning Center, we love numbers but value the human element and qualitative data in STEM education just as much. Our people-centered inquiry helps organizations prioritize based on what is essential for improving the student’s STEM education.

Our Vision

Promoting Equity and Inclusion

We meet you where you are because every program is different. Together we determine what data we need to collect to properly evaluate your program. Evaluation is customized to uncover how to best improve learning outcomes and create more positive, meaningful experiences for students.

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Talk with one of our analysts or researchers about program evaluation, research, or help with analyzing your qualitative or quantitative data. We can help you improve your program performance and measure your impact on STEM education.

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