We Measure Metrics That Matter

Data-Driven Moves for

Culture-Shifting Organizations

We help our clients collect and measure metrics that matter. We operationalize “nurturing success” and transform culture through data-driven incremental decisions.

Our Experts are Responsive & Dedicated

As a 22-year veteran STEM education evaluator and researcher, I have observed program evaluation, dissemination, and sustainability challenges up close.

This is why we know the value of appreciative inquiry and culturally responsive evaluation to support our clients through program implementation challenges.

We dedicate our attention to advancing clients through successful STEM program implementation.

Our evaluation services include performance and empowerment evaluations, impact-based evaluation, outcomes-based evaluation, logic model development, data storytelling technology and so much more–all designed to amplify the value our clients bring into STEM education.

We Aim to Inspire Social Innovation in STEM.

We Work to Transform Culture Through
Data-Driven Incremental Decisions

We employ data-driven processes to help our clients make informed incremental decisions that will shift their organizational cultures towards long-lasting equity, inclusivity, and diversity.

We help our clients do the requisite deep thinking necessary for social innovation.

Together we help our clients create cultures and social systems within STEM education where everyone is intrinsically valued and inherently expected to emerge as STEM experts and leaders.

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