ILC provides Research, Evaluation, Proposal Development, and STEM Tutorial Services. How do these services connect for STEM Education success? We evaluate increases in cognitive, psychosocial, social and emotional skills for individual students or groups of students. We know that increases in psychosocial skills bolsters cognitive skills. We know what it takes to succeed in elementary, middle, high school and college STEM courses.

We use our in-depth knowledge and expertise to support clients in developing proposals for funding to expose students to cutting edge STEM knowledge and technologies. We specialize in writing competitive STEM education and youth development proposals. Our Competitive Proposal Development Process (CPDP) begins with high quality and strategic program development.

We have supported numerous clients in the development of competitive proposals that received actual funding.

What have we learned?

The development of winning proposals requires a lot of hard work, subject matter expertise and expertise in program development. Proposal development requires teamwork. The team consists of professionals from our client’s organization and ILC Proposal Development Managers.

ILC Proposal Development Managers will do the following:

Interview your staff

Study your organization and past programming activities

Indicate the appropriate Phase for starting; (with Phase V meaning the client has the intellectual knowledge and know how to produce his/her own proposal but does not have the time to do so); and

Analyze your organization’s readiness to submit competitive proposals

Conduct a cultural audit

Provide you with a detailed plan of action for producing a winning proposal

Because of our expertise in STEM, we can advise clients on programs and processes that have already been implemented and make recommendations on STEM Youth Development programs that have not been conceptualized. We offer our creativity and ability to synthesize our knowledge of the literature and existing programs to help our clients develop proposals for programs that fill gaps in students’ access to STEM opportunities.

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