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Our vision is to see all students experience success in STEM.

As a parent, you want to give your child every possible tool to be successful in school and make good grades. Most importantly, you want to help them master the subjects and concepts they need to continue to advance and pursue their dreams.

But, today, our students’ courses can be challenging, particularly in STEM subjects–science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

We understand what you and your child require for success in STEM courses–in college, high school, and even middle and elementary school.

I am the founder of the Innovative Learning Center, LLC. I have felt your pain–and can help.

Our team and I deeply understand what it takes to succeed in high school and college STEM courses–and, by extension, a career in a STEM field. We start with assessing your students’ interests, motivation, belief systems, and confidence. We do all of this before building a plan to improve their STEM competency.


It takes commitment to be able to provide your child with top-notch STEM assessment, student support, and tutoring services that produce success.

Our team has a proven record of success. They are committed to succeeding in STEM courses and now want to support and show you and your students that success in their chemistry, physics, algebra, or pre-calculus courses is immediately in front of them.


We start with assessing where students are and then working to shore up the foundation for success in science and mathematics subjects.

We look forward to partnering with you and your child. Complete the form below so we can begin the process of assessing where your student is on the STEM learning continuum. Together, we can ensure STEM education success for your students.

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